Les Pilleurs d'Epaves

Damien Bossis / Marie Faure

Musical and objects performances!!!

The company les Pilleurs d'épaves was originally founded in April 2001 by Momette and Kerfi. They were soon joined by Arnaud Guillossou for the lighting composition of their first show "Rue Machaho".
For "4.50", the group restructured and expanded. Kerfi left the stage to create the sound tracks leaving his place to two performers, David Humeau and André Tapia.

Les Pilleurs d'épaves present a huge range of artistics ability through music, circus performance, dance and visual arts. Their extreme vitality and their natural possesion of the stage is the fruit of true and thorough artistic research.


Les Pilleurs d'Epaves
Marie Faure
Chargée de production
06 87 74 72 74

Susanne Andreas
Tourneuse Allemagne
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